A Bit of London in 24 Hours

Hello guys!

The first trip I would like to share with you is my last time in London, less than a month ago.

It all started with my husband wish to visit the Warner Bros Studios in Watford, near London.
We are both fan of Harry Potter, I loved the books, Ale the movies, and with the help of very low cost Ryan Air tickets plus a free-from-work weekend we decided to leave, destination London!

At first I thought we would visit only the Studios, but when I realized that there wasn’t a direct connection between Stansted and Watford and the only way to get there was to take a train from Euston Station, our itinerary took the final shape.

We visited London two times in the previous years and since our main destination of the trip was out of the ordinary, we chose two other London spots that you don’t usually include in a first visit to the city: Holland Park with the Kyoto Garden and Portobello Market in Notting Hill.
One deeply different to another: the quiet in the Park, the chaos in Portobello, and the amazement at the Studios.

If you like to continue the journey with us , you can follow this link to my first published travel article on Travelicious.world:

Bits of London: 24 Unconventional Hours

Every question or comment you can think about, is very welcome and I can’t wait to read them.

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