About Me

Hello everybody!


I’m Alice, a 32 y.o. Italian Vet that LOVE to travel.

First came Malta ten years ago, with two friends and a backpack, and since I started to travel, I have not stopped yet.

From that day, a lot of things in my life has changed: in the summer of 2006 I was a 22 single student, in 2009 I met Ale, in 2013 I graduated, began to work as a Vet and we moved together, in 2014 we adopted Tell, an old and wise dog and we got married, in 2015 our family had to say goodbye to Tell but welcomed a few months later three little kittens.
What has not changed in my life is the wanderlust, a passion that now is a shared one.

So, here I am: living in the North of Italy with my loved husband Ale and our three perfect little cat-girls Fiona, Lilo and Stitch; working on shifts (me) and a more classic 9-5 job (Ale), always looking for our next departure.

What Make Me Travel?

Too often I find myself wandering on GoogleMaps, looking for a place where I can travel to.
Once pinpointed the place, I lose myself in its pictures trying to imagine to be there: if I like the idea and we have some time available, it’s done, we are going there!

I really love all the planning thing. I want to get the most from our trips, and I find it is really useful to have a plot to follow. That allow me to deeply know what offers the place we are about to visit, and combined with my knowledge of our tastes, it usually guarantees us a satisfying journey.

I will take you all across Europe and beyond, literally illustrating my trips (I have lot of pictures!), giving you my best advises about the places I visited and various tips for planning the perfect journey.


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